Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Challenging My Self in Digging Deeper with Soul Coaching

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Challenging My Self in Digging Deeper with Soul Coaching
Good Morning, Soul-FULL friends!!!

I'm still getting this new Project up and running soon, along with this new Blogger -- and eventually next year or before, would like opening up my new site I've been working on/putting aside for the past year now.

For AGES, I've been wanting to work more on 'Soul' work, and have signed up for courses or newsletters of inspirational people over this past year -- and have talked about 'Digging Deeper Within My Soul', but haven't actually put what I have wanted to into it! Soooo.....

I'd love any of your love and support along this Journey I'm taking. This is all new to me and I'm trying to stay COMMITTED for this Month of November {http://diggingdeepwithinyoursoul.blogspot.com/2013/11/will-i-stay-committed.html} on my Path and in my Studies -- and in hope if you decide to just tag along on my Journey, it will aide you along any Paths you're taking, too!

A few days back, I shared this insight in Becky Beamer Swanson's 'Closed' Facebook Group, "Five Minutes to Feed Your Spirit"  (I'd joined her offering at the time to receive awesome insights from her in my eMail and quietly read each one of them but without response, just pondering on the words and blessings I received during this time!) -- and she had congratulated me on my "stepping forward, onward and upward", which had got me thinking:
 Stepping 'Inwards' into my Soul will be the most Challenging part, it seems for ages I've been reading and researching about the Soul and finding many Aspects in working with it through those (like your site here!) that have inspired me -- and am looking forward to the Winds of Change that shall occur during this time on my Path.

If others read and come across this, I'm working first on the 'Preface' from Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching", and instead of taking the 28 days to complete this, I've decided to just 'go with the flow' of my Intuition -- and taking bits and parts from her book in working with.

Some years back, I received a subtle 'Calling' to my Soul. It concerned wanting to 'Come Back Home' and a 'Black Squirrel' came to me from outside in the Woods in Nature, yearning me to Dig Deeper into my Shamanic Practices and start living my life more Intuitively through the Goddess.

I will be 'Blogging' when I get the chance to Journal and Write it out, explaining more later -- but here is where I'd first written about it at "When Our Animal Totems Seek Us Out In Nature" --  ... but my

QUESTION to all you Soul-FULL ones is this:

Do you remember your first Soul Calling?
If you haven't had one yet, what is it that your
     Path urges you in learning next?
So at this point in my studies of SOUL COACHING (I have been quiet since I Committed myself to this, um -- LIFE JUST HAPPENING!), here is what I have to say about Denise Linn's book so far: 

So far, I *HeArT* Soul Coaching! (Although I can't get quite past the 'Preface'; I have the eBook version of it and am reading it on Amazon's Cloud Reader, highlighting and taking a few notes here and there on some of the phrases I liked (funny how I stink at analyzing books, yet I can get stuck on one particular phrase or sentence or paragraph that intrigues and inspires me either to think about something similar in my life that happened, or research more on the subject, lol!) -- plus it's been harder since I've gotten older to just sit down and read. I get too distracted by the other great things on the internet; I'm weird that way!

I eventually want the paperback book of it, though, I have lots of her old books that I haven't even read yet -- but there's something I just love about her gentle spirit and writing; my fav is Sacred Space, but I'd love reading some of her new work again, QUEST is on my wishlist!
I feel as a child, I didn't 'hear' any soul callings, but as I grew into my own Spirituality, old memories and past events of my childhood have been playing 'tag' with my chaotic mind. I remember a lot as a child, but I think maybe more things are calling me from back when to not be answered, but to be heard and remembered -- and knowing intuitively that I have known it all along, the callings just hadn't shown themselves until I opened my heart and really listened.BLESSings&LovE xo,
   )O( Shami

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