Saturday, November 2, 2013

Will I Stay 'Committed'???

This is about the millionth time that I have thought about embarking on this Project, have spent a load-full of months pondering and putting it aside -- but something wonderful yesterday on Samhain happened in my life, and I am determined and COMMITTED in starting this project AGAIN.....

BLESSings and Hello!  I am the Indigenous Shamanic Winds, most call me just Shami, from my Facebook site Planting the Seeds Of Our Spiritual Growth.  There are so many things over this past year that I have great intentions for and have put aside for days, weeks, months, even years now, that I cannot seemed to stay 'Focused' on (due to my ChAoTiC mInD, as well as interruptions at Home that disturb my peace and quiet I need to stop, think, meditate, ponder on, read, write) .....

But being the month of November and the Fall Season here in the Northern Hemisphere of our state of Michigan, I live back in the woods on the land and in the house that I grew up in since I was 18-months-old -- and we're (my husband and I) finally moving forward and able to get a Mortgage on the Home here after struggling to do all we can at our best in getting bills and debts paid off. 

So I think it's time to be THANK-Full (my thing to do any day of the year, but mostly in the month of November during the Thanksgiving Season) for all that we've went through, and I would like to be able to 'Dig Deeper' into my Soul (which I've tried, showed up a few times, endured on my own every now-and-then, but haven't 'Totally Committed' my Self to doing) and start making some of my Dreams that I love doing, come TRUE!!!

We can do anything we put our minds to, I have been told over and over growing up -- and even if it's taken this long, I'd like to take the month of November to work with the word COMMITMENT. 

And remind myself that it cannot all be done at once (as exciting as it may seem at times!), and I usually don't have all the time in the world to write all I'd like to, read stories and books like I used to, create Art and incorporate it into Journals ... there's tons of courses I'd love doing, but don't have the time or money (though every now-and-then I pick something up) -- although I 'AM' taking a course from a friend as of recently, that I plan on working into my daily life in all I do.

I'm going to see where I can go with this one now.  Thanks to the old course Jamie Ridler had done and is still online, that is giving me this inspiration a million times over the past year when I first saw this and had planned committing myself to it, for Denise Linn's book "Soul Coaching" -- and the many other wonderful things I've gotten over the past year from creatives who have inspired and intrigued my Soul in digging just a little deeper...

With <3 Love xo,
   ~ Shami


  1. What a beautiful way to bless your life. Thanks for sharing the journey. Love your space!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Rachél!!! I was so excited seeing you're the first one to comment on my new Blogger for this Soul-FULL Journey <3. I've had a lot going on my mind, what to start with first, how to do things -- but I think I'll just go with the 'Natural Flow' and let the Goddess carry me in the Winds.

      I've got so many Intentions I'm trying to gather about in my head; now just need to put them into words next!

      HugZ my Creative Sister xo.

  2. Shami it is wonderful that things are all coming together for you. I love this blog!

  3. Hi shami

    I totally recognize the place you are in right now and have made a commitment myself to make 2014 my year of simplicity and unity. And the very moment I decided to let some things go and stop trying to do it all at once it actually ALL came together. (you can read the post here:

    So I am sure you'll get there putting one foot in front of another.

    Blessings on your journey.

  4. Shami beautiful page and I can so relate. I've been saying over and over how I want to work more on my spirituality and about a million other things. Never seems like there is enough time. I would enjoy following you on your journey. Maybe it will help me with mine.