Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Magick of the Season: Snow-FULL Medicine with "Soul Coaching"

Soul-FULL friends at Digging Deep Within Your Soul and Planting the Seeds Of Our Spiritual Growth -- Good Morning to the Magickal Time of the Year, I've got SNOW !!! *Yay Snow* (And it has snowed here again, today on the 15th of January as well!)!!!

The time has arrived (hee hee, or in my world, 'keeps' arriving, LOL!) where we look deeper inside of our Soul-FULL Selves, Digging Deeper each time into our very own Souls, peering into the Shadows and Lights of our Hibernating Spirits, on the Land, in our Place of Musings, written in our Journals and in our own Hearts on the Soulful Spiritual Path that we are on.

The 'Magick of the Season' has arrived as sweet Yule songs play with the Harmony of our True Heart's Desires. Today, mine is ringing and jingling in through *Snow-FULLy Medicine* on my Soul Coaching Spiritual Path I am embarking in this Winter.    

~What is Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching" all about?

~What does digging deeper into your Soul mean?

~In what ways does our Spirit call to us on this new Journey?

I'm about to find out.
And I'm starting off with this quote from the Preface in her book:

"There is no better time to start than right now,
because if not now, when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges, but you
do not need to wait for everything to be perfect.

You need only believe that you are on the right path,
and you are on the right path --
from a spiritual perspective, we all are.

In fact, we always have been,
even when we did not know it."
(Denise Linn, pg. location in eBook on Cloud Reader 117)

Shami's Soul-FULL Journaling Musings

I'm here drinking some 'Blue' stuff as the weather's turning colder and dark outside tonight before starting to make dinner, awaiting for our last December 2013 to turn over in a little over six hours at Midnight to the New Year of January 2014 -- strumming my pen-on-paper, inspired by Jess'ness Required's post at her site and OMGoddess, YES! *(finally!!!)* -- Five 'Values' narrowed down for me to bring into next year!

Shami's Intentions Descriptive Words for This Year in 2014:

" intention's descriptive words for this year. These will change and grow as I do in the program. Again, nothing is set in stone. I feel really good with the words I've chosen. I'm not necessarily comfortable about something can be good -- it means you are growing." (Jess'ness Required, 'The Important of Setting Intentions' at

I have chosen five of my 'Values' at this moment (awesome that I found you, my friend Heather -- learn how
to find your own as well and come play with us at JOURNEY TO AUTHENTIC YOU!) that I, Indigenous Shamanic Winds (Shami), most connect to at this time being:

Respectful + Feeling of Spirit ('Within' & 'Without') + Honesty + Walk My Own Path + Determination

When I first thought about starting to study "Soul Coaching", I wanted to write out my 'Intentions' for why I wanted to fulfill this experience in my life. I'm being honest here, I was stuck -- and as most who've seen me post here and there throughout my Blogs and about getting this up-and-going, it's been a few years. How did I go so long being STUCK? Maybe I needed to learn other things before it, maybe I wasn't ready for it yet ... I know I'm a big procrastinator, but for a few years??!!! I'm still 'Trusting the Process' here, I feel the Universe will open up to me as I will to it when I'm good and ready!

So this is a small start. And I loved the advice Jess suggested in this same article as well, I needed an Inspirational Guide with my Writing -- so will be working on this later as I find time during the rest of my week off work.

"I encourage you to set some intentions -- practice asking yourself:

  • ~Why am I striving for this?
  • ~Why did I begin this?
  • ~What do I need to get out of this?
  • ~Where is this taking me?
  • ~What areas of my life is this benefiting, or going to benefit?
  • ~How does this affect me?
  • ~Who in my life is this going to impact?
  • ~How does this affect my loved ones and others?

BLESSings for A Digging Deep Within Your Soul-FULL New Year!
Bye, Bye 2013 -- Here We Come, HELLO 2014!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Challenging My Self in Digging Deeper with Soul Coaching

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Challenging My Self in Digging Deeper with Soul Coaching
Good Morning, Soul-FULL friends!!!

I'm still getting this new Project up and running soon, along with this new Blogger -- and eventually next year or before, would like opening up my new site I've been working on/putting aside for the past year now.

For AGES, I've been wanting to work more on 'Soul' work, and have signed up for courses or newsletters of inspirational people over this past year -- and have talked about 'Digging Deeper Within My Soul', but haven't actually put what I have wanted to into it! Soooo.....

I'd love any of your love and support along this Journey I'm taking. This is all new to me and I'm trying to stay COMMITTED for this Month of November {} on my Path and in my Studies -- and in hope if you decide to just tag along on my Journey, it will aide you along any Paths you're taking, too!

A few days back, I shared this insight in Becky Beamer Swanson's 'Closed' Facebook Group, "Five Minutes to Feed Your Spirit"  (I'd joined her offering at the time to receive awesome insights from her in my eMail and quietly read each one of them but without response, just pondering on the words and blessings I received during this time!) -- and she had congratulated me on my "stepping forward, onward and upward", which had got me thinking:
 Stepping 'Inwards' into my Soul will be the most Challenging part, it seems for ages I've been reading and researching about the Soul and finding many Aspects in working with it through those (like your site here!) that have inspired me -- and am looking forward to the Winds of Change that shall occur during this time on my Path.

If others read and come across this, I'm working first on the 'Preface' from Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching", and instead of taking the 28 days to complete this, I've decided to just 'go with the flow' of my Intuition -- and taking bits and parts from her book in working with.

Some years back, I received a subtle 'Calling' to my Soul. It concerned wanting to 'Come Back Home' and a 'Black Squirrel' came to me from outside in the Woods in Nature, yearning me to Dig Deeper into my Shamanic Practices and start living my life more Intuitively through the Goddess.

I will be 'Blogging' when I get the chance to Journal and Write it out, explaining more later -- but here is where I'd first written about it at "When Our Animal Totems Seek Us Out In Nature" --  ... but my

QUESTION to all you Soul-FULL ones is this:

Do you remember your first Soul Calling?
If you haven't had one yet, what is it that your
     Path urges you in learning next?
So at this point in my studies of SOUL COACHING (I have been quiet since I Committed myself to this, um -- LIFE JUST HAPPENING!), here is what I have to say about Denise Linn's book so far: 

So far, I *HeArT* Soul Coaching! (Although I can't get quite past the 'Preface'; I have the eBook version of it and am reading it on Amazon's Cloud Reader, highlighting and taking a few notes here and there on some of the phrases I liked (funny how I stink at analyzing books, yet I can get stuck on one particular phrase or sentence or paragraph that intrigues and inspires me either to think about something similar in my life that happened, or research more on the subject, lol!) -- plus it's been harder since I've gotten older to just sit down and read. I get too distracted by the other great things on the internet; I'm weird that way!

I eventually want the paperback book of it, though, I have lots of her old books that I haven't even read yet -- but there's something I just love about her gentle spirit and writing; my fav is Sacred Space, but I'd love reading some of her new work again, QUEST is on my wishlist!
I feel as a child, I didn't 'hear' any soul callings, but as I grew into my own Spirituality, old memories and past events of my childhood have been playing 'tag' with my chaotic mind. I remember a lot as a child, but I think maybe more things are calling me from back when to not be answered, but to be heard and remembered -- and knowing intuitively that I have known it all along, the callings just hadn't shown themselves until I opened my heart and really listened.BLESSings&LovE xo,
   )O( Shami

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Will I Stay 'Committed'???

This is about the millionth time that I have thought about embarking on this Project, have spent a load-full of months pondering and putting it aside -- but something wonderful yesterday on Samhain happened in my life, and I am determined and COMMITTED in starting this project AGAIN.....

BLESSings and Hello!  I am the Indigenous Shamanic Winds, most call me just Shami, from my Facebook site Planting the Seeds Of Our Spiritual Growth.  There are so many things over this past year that I have great intentions for and have put aside for days, weeks, months, even years now, that I cannot seemed to stay 'Focused' on (due to my ChAoTiC mInD, as well as interruptions at Home that disturb my peace and quiet I need to stop, think, meditate, ponder on, read, write) .....

But being the month of November and the Fall Season here in the Northern Hemisphere of our state of Michigan, I live back in the woods on the land and in the house that I grew up in since I was 18-months-old -- and we're (my husband and I) finally moving forward and able to get a Mortgage on the Home here after struggling to do all we can at our best in getting bills and debts paid off. 

So I think it's time to be THANK-Full (my thing to do any day of the year, but mostly in the month of November during the Thanksgiving Season) for all that we've went through, and I would like to be able to 'Dig Deeper' into my Soul (which I've tried, showed up a few times, endured on my own every now-and-then, but haven't 'Totally Committed' my Self to doing) and start making some of my Dreams that I love doing, come TRUE!!!

We can do anything we put our minds to, I have been told over and over growing up -- and even if it's taken this long, I'd like to take the month of November to work with the word COMMITMENT. 

And remind myself that it cannot all be done at once (as exciting as it may seem at times!), and I usually don't have all the time in the world to write all I'd like to, read stories and books like I used to, create Art and incorporate it into Journals ... there's tons of courses I'd love doing, but don't have the time or money (though every now-and-then I pick something up) -- although I 'AM' taking a course from a friend as of recently, that I plan on working into my daily life in all I do.

I'm going to see where I can go with this one now.  Thanks to the old course Jamie Ridler had done and is still online, that is giving me this inspiration a million times over the past year when I first saw this and had planned committing myself to it, for Denise Linn's book "Soul Coaching" -- and the many other wonderful things I've gotten over the past year from creatives who have inspired and intrigued my Soul in digging just a little deeper...

With <3 Love xo,
   ~ Shami

Friday, November 1, 2013

Setting Our Intentions for November: COMMITMENT

Setting Our Intentions for November: COMMITMENT

Good Morning, Soul-FULL Friends

This is about the millionth time that I have thought about embarking on this Project, have spent a load-full of months pondering and putting it aside -- but something wonderful yesterday on Samhain happened in my life, and I am determined and COMMITTED in starting this project AGAIN with "Soul Coaching" (book by Denise Linn, with the guided old course from Jamie Ridler's 'The Next Chapter' from her Book Blogging site five years ago)!!!!!

More about this later, but let's start 'Setting Our Intentions for November' -- mine is COMMITMENT (unless I change my mind, lol!)


Intentions for 2014:  My Spiritual Journeys with 'Planting the Seeds Of Our Spiritual Growth' leading the Path through Opening 'Nineteen Candles, One Flame' -- along with my Creative, Healing, Fire-Scrying Celtic Goddess, Brigid, Whom has planted a seed of growth in my Womb for many years.

PLANTING THE SEEDS OF OUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH -- A gathering of Souls united together in learning how to plant not only seeds for flowers, plants, trees, herbs, etc. -- but also our 'Selves' and planting of our spiritual growths yet to come forth in our lives!!!

Whether we have already 'planted' our spiritual seeds or are just beginning in planting of seeds of our new-found spiritual path, we start realizing that in all of life itself -- for if something is to become of manifestation of growth or change, new seeds are always being planted or re-planted and nourished or tended to in order for manifestations to occur.

In knowing what 'seeds to plant', one must start from the very beginning and know thyself what needs to be changed in our own spiritual lives, so like a seed planted in the soil of the Earth, it can be a place for our new beginnings, a place of finding our 'Selves' in the dark -- and once watered and tended to and given sunshine, we can only then begin to see ourselves change and sprout from the ground up. And the more we receive these inspirations of self-growth and self-change, we begin budding and blooming like that of a beautiful flower. If we do not tend to ourselves, like if a plant or flower is not nourished by us, our lives become like that of a dead-head of a bloom, we just sit there and decay, and soon our growth and changes are stumped -- and though our spirit or soul may still be within and around us, it seems to 'die' and so do our spiritual manifestations we long for in our lives.

When we plant our seed on the land we live on, we must walk and talk and tend to that seed -- for who knows, you might just manifest your spiritual awakenings into something unique and new in yourself that you have never seen before!

Blessings )O(
~ Shami xo (originally composed in ©June 2010)

Embarking with the Flow on my 'Soul Coaching' that I have not forgotten, I found my Intentions that I had originally written back in 2010 that are STILL ALIVE TODAY!

From my past project, I had ..... :
My next step on this is to "Gesso lightly over the marker-ed page, and paint a picture with Acrylic Paints over it, whatever at that moment in time I work on the next step in this project, something of my 'Soul Coaching Intentions' "...xo.

*(Photo taken by Shami,  Monday, 21 January 2013)*